Ten Epic Fails and How to Overcome Them

Jack Alotto, MA, CFRE (Fundraising Consultant and Trainer, Fundraising Academy)

Let’s take a breath, celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, then reflect and refine your plans for this new year!

What worked for you and your team last year? What tools, skills, and strategies will you apply to reach your goals this year? What didn’t work? Often, missteps and failures are perceived as just that: failures. With this mindset, fundraisers miss out on the opportunity to uncover critical lessons and develop new best practices from which their organizations can benefit.

It’s time to shift the narrative! This webinar will help you reframe “failures” as a hidden asset for your fundraising toolkit. Jack Alotto, CFRE, will reflect on his memorable missteps, exploring how he and his team dissected past mistakes and created new opportunities for their organizations.

Join us to learn how you can recover from your own “epic fails,” build your fundraising skill sets, and help your organization’s achieve ultimate fundraising success.

Presented by:

  • Jack Alotto, CFRE - Trainer, Fundraising Academy

Key Takeaways:

  • Reframe “epic fails” as hidden assets.
  • Explore common “epic fails,” their key contributors, and how to anticipate them.
  • Develop tools from the Cause Selling Cycle that will help you recover from past missteps and strengthen your fundraising practice.