Meet the Team

Our team is passionate about their cause and works to provide affiliates with the support and tools they need to be successful.

Our team is changing the world by educating nonprofit leaders and fundraisers on how to make their organizations more sustainable.

Fundraising Academy Cause Selling Education is made up of true cause-champions who understand the value of the effort fundraisers put forth every day.

By working to help strengthen those efforts through education, marketing materials, and personalized support, our team facilitates a network of passionate philanthropists who are equipped to make a difference in their communities.

Our Cause Champions.

The dedicated team members who make philanthropy happen.

Tony Beall

Director, Fundraising Academy

Pearl Hoeglund

Senior Program Manager, Fundraising Academy

Christine Kim

Intern Coordinator, Fundraising Academy

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The affiliates of Fundraising Academy are a community of universities and colleges who partner with us in our mission to make philanthropy happen.

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