Strategic Planning for 2024: A Guide for Fundraising Professionals

Strategic Planning is a vital tool for every successful nonprofit organization. But all too often the plan becomes too ambitious, cumbersome, and is not a practical tool. After the excitement and enthusiasm of board retreat fades, staff and board tend to go back to business as usual and the plan ends up in a drawer and not really thought about until the next board retreat is approaching. During our session, we will discuss how your fundraising team can contribute to the process, collaborate with your board, and help make the strategic plan come alive!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to ensure your organization’s mission and vision are clearly defined and embraced by all.
  • Discover how your role as a fundraiser is vital to the strategic planning process and help your team develop a budget to accomplish strategic planning goals.
  • Evaluate and measure success through KPI’s that align with your strategic plan.
  • Create a cohesive fund development program embraced by staff and board members alike.
  • Gain strategies to engage your board, and staff roles in the strategic planning process.

Presented by:

Jim Floros
Founder, Floros & Associates

James Floros’ nonprofit career spans nearly four decades as a Development Director or CEO at Project Concern International; Burn Institute; and San Diego Food Bank. Jim founded Floros & Associates in 2008. Awards include: National Burn Prevention Award; SD County Fire Chiefs’ Maltese Award; AFP Outstanding Development Professional; and Nonprofit CEO of the Year (twice). Jim left the Food Bank in 2021 to pursue his consulting business and passion for the nonprofit sector. Jim is a graduate of USD.