Planned Giving for the Small Shop

Planned Giving for a Small Shop is a comprehensive webinar designed to equip small nonprofit organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to implement a planned giving program successfully. This webinar covers essential topics such as understanding planned giving concepts, identifying prospects, listening for donor cues, overcoming objections, and creating an effective planned giving program on a limited budget. Participants will learn practical tips and best practices tailored to small nonprofit shops’ unique challenges and opportunities, empowering them to maximize their fundraising efforts and secure long-term support for their mission. Join us to unlock the potential of planned giving for your organization!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding planned giving concepts: Learn about various planned giving tools such as bequest intentions, beneficiary designations, gifts of appreciated assets, and gifts that produce income for donors.
  • Identify prospects: Gain insight on how to determine who your top planned giving prospects are.
  • Listen for donor cues and overcome objections: Discover effective communication strategies for responding to donor concerns and objections.
  • Create an effective planned giving program on a limited budget: Acquire actionable advice and best practices to navigate building and scaling a planned giving program for your small shop.


Dani Dawson
Chief Development Officer, Curebound

Dani is a visionary leader dedicated to fostering a culture of philanthropy. Currently serving as the Chief Development Officer for Curebound, Dani drives fundraising strategy and donor relations, oversees fundraising campaigns, and ensures sustainable revenue streams.

Dani prides herself on helping people achieve their philanthropic goals through conversations with donors about leveraging assets to maximize impact. While the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at California Western School of Law, Dani more than doubled the number of philanthropic gifts to the law school and while Executive Director of Gift Planning at UC San Diego, Dani led a team that achieved extraordinary success by raising over $86,000,000 in just one year.

Dani’s educational background includes a JD from Chapman University School of Law and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Dani is a Past President of AFP San Diego.