Handling Donor Objections: Getting to Yes

Successful fundraisers see objections for what they really are: opportunities! There’s no getting around it. If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser, you will face objections from your pro-spects and donors. Instead of trying to avoid or ignore them, let’s embrace them!

An objection is vastly different from a rejection. When you view objections with a welcom-ing attitude, they become valuable and may help guide you toward a successful ask and deeper relationship.

Sometimes objections are straightforward, but other times, they indicate that the prospect is interested in what you are saying. Classifying and clarifying the objection helps you se-lect the best technique for addressing them. This webinar will give you the knowledge to successfully navigate your donor’s questions and hesitations so you can continue to culti-vate the relationship towards a successful ask.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Learn how to uncover hidden concerns or questions.
  • Categorize objections and explore techniques to address them.
  • Become familiar with the six-step plan for dealing with resistance.
  • Discover how to leverage social media to anticipate and forestall any possible donor concerns.

Presented by:

  • Hannah Berger, Founder & Principal, The Philanthropy Coach