Fundraising Action Planning

What does fundraising action planning accomplish? A proper fundraising action plan creates a framework and foundation for your organization’s activities and programs. Your plan will ultimately set forth how your organization will support the communities you serve day in and out, and how your fundraising activities will ensure your organization’s health and growth.

Planning clarifies the strategies, values, and vision of our organization. Planning tests our mission and engages the hearts and minds of staff and board. Planning answers, the important question of why our organization matters, what results we expect so that we can make a difference, and it provides us with the directions we need to get to our results.

This webinar will guide you through the fundamental steps to:

  • Develop your rationale for creating a fundraising action plan.
  • Explore questions to ask prior to starting your planning process.
  • Map out the key planning steps.
  • Curate resources and templates to kickstart your planning today.

Presented by:

  • Jack Alotto, MA, CFRE (Fundraising Consultant and Trainer, Fundraising Academy)