Social Style Versatility to Maximize Presentation Impact

Adriana Loson-Ceballos, Trainer, Fundraising Academy

When you have reached the moment to present your cause to your prospect or donor, will you be ready? How does your prospect like to receive information? How do you like to deliver information? What drives your prospect to give? What do they care about most? These questions are key elements that will allow you to build and deliver a strong, meaningful, and successful presentation each time.

This webinar will discuss how to build a strong presentation that will succeed with any donor or prospect’s social style and how your own social style will inform your presentation planning. Learn how to develop your own units of conviction – strategic mini donor presentations. Explore the importance of fundamental questioning and listening for presentation planning and stewardship strategies that inform and build on successful presentations. Preparing units of conviction in advance will allow you to quickly adapt to any prospect and present your cause at a moment’s notice, like reaching into your bag and pulling out the right tool at the exact right time.

Presented by:

  • Adriana Loson-Ceballos, Trainer, Fundraising Academy

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine how to assess your prospect’s social styles and adjust your presentation accordingly.
  • Learn how to build strategic mini presentations – units of conviction – so you are properly prepared for any donor presentation.
  • Discuss key questions you need to uncover your prospect’s giving needs and design a meaningful presentation.